April 16, 2010

Pretty in Pink: Champagne Cocktail Punch

An electric pink Champagne Cocktail served in a Punch Bowl is absolutely feminine and nostalgic and used to be the heart and soul of a good party.

Punchbowls  are the Lolita of serving ware.

But sadly, like frothy tulle petticoats, Punchbowls and their deliciously naughty, girly contents seem to have fallen out of fashion and barely anyone has one in their cupboard anymore. 

I’ve decided to bring back The Punchbowl. In my own little world at least.

I'm going to search garage sales and thrift stores. 
... and if I can just find those dainty sweet and innocent little cups that hang off the side with matching clear glass snack plates, I will be a happy happy girl.

Pink Champagne Punch
(charmingly lethal)

• 1 bottle of pink champagne
• 2 pints of good quality raspberry sherbet or sorbet
• large bottle of sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joes (highbrow) or 1 liter of Cherry 7’Up (lowbrow)

Pour all of the ingredients together into a fancy schmancy vintage punch bowl, toss in some ice and a big glass ladle and take a swig.  Be sure to smack your lips loudly and reapply your frosted lipstick.

Celebrate the weekend in style kittens.

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