April 15, 2010

Another Excuse to Indulge in Chocolate

Long ago, cocoa beans were used as currency.

Back then, if you were Aztec, you may have bought a turkey for one hundred beans or an avocado for three. Cacao made into a beverage was drunk as a medicinal beverage in Jamaica and served to patients for its health benefits by Apocrathy's. Chocolate's also been touted as the ultimate aphrodisiac and ancient Mayan's believed cocoa fought fatigue and fermented cacao based beverages were served at sacred ceremonies to induce a sense of well being and contentment with the universe.

In other words, Chocolate is Good.

I absolutely love the feeling of biting through a piece of high quality chocolate. Your teeth sort of push through lovely little smooth layers, and then the bitter-sweet taste and silky feel of it melts onto your tongue. It’s exotic, heavenly and comforting all at once.

Dark chocolate is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and is finally being touted for its health benefits. If you eat a small square before bed, it may even count as a vitamin. (wink wink) I’ve tried to explain to my hubby that if I eat a bite of dark chocolate before bed I don’t even need to brush my teeth. After all, studies have shown that the antioxidants may even fight the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

I think I should invent chocolate mouthwash.

Chocolate mouthwash may not be available on super market shelves just yet, but one of the graduates of my Culinary School has the perfect confection to cure your chocolate cravings and make you feel natural, healthy, and like a good little conscientious consumer to boot. Daren Hayes, graduate of Oregon Culinary Institute, is a raw chocolate alchemist and has created a fabulous little company called Stirs the Soul Chocolate. It’s local, independently owned, good for you and absolutely delish.

Maybe, just maybe, it can even improve your love life.
Which is the best excuse of all to indulge.

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