April 30, 2010

Friday Night Cocktail

One of my beloved Chef Instructors here at Oregon Culinary told me the other day about an enticing after work beverages: The Chambord and Champagne Cocktail.

Chef Melinda also happens to be married to a Chef, and she and Rolf are dedicated connoisseurs of food, wine, and of course, being from Portland; Beer. They spend their free time away from the kitchen visiting pubs and brewery’s in search of the perfect ale and they wax poetic about hard to find, unique and interesting new brews. If I ever have a question about the best beer to serve with Sheppard’s Pie or grilled steak, where to find a rare bottle of stout, or where to go for the biggest selection of German beers, she is definitely the one to ask.

But the other night, while her hubby-chef was busy in the kitchen preparing yet another decadent dinner for the two of them, she decided to skip her usual before-dinner beer and opened a bottle of champagne instead. She put her feet up and sipped the pink bubbly with a dollop of Chambord. Her glassware of choice was, get this, a pint glass.

Chefs know how to live.

Soon I was on the hunt for dark raspberry liquor to compliment the bottle of champagne that has been sitting in my fridge for a few weeks… and the result was fantastic. Trust me.
Or at the very least, trust Chef Melinda.

I bet it’s even better served in a pint glass.

Melinda’s Fancy Chambord Champagne Cocktail

Pour 1 small "glug" (about 1 tbs or so) of Chambord (or another berry liquor) into champagne flute.

Fill with chilled sparkling white wine. Add 2 small raspberries.

Happy Friday Kittens!

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