April 1, 2010

Breakfast at Home

The thing I love the most about vacations and weekends is sleeping in late, then meandering around the kitchen while sipping coffee in my pajamas, and of course, a slow, delicious, home-cooked breakfast.

This week has been a lovely and relaxing Staycation with my three gorgeous children. I feel so lucky to have had the time off work at the Culinary School so we could hang out together.

The kids and I have cooked together almost every day.  On Monday, they came with me to the school to film a spot for an upcoming news segment on channle 6 called Keep it Local.  Alongside Chef Wilke as they helped cook up a batch of crab and cheese filled ravioli.  We’ve also had great thoughtful conversations about food and eating.
What inspired all of this was, last Friday night we recorded the Jamie Oliver special, “Jamie’s Food Revolution”.  It’s had a huge impact on my children.
After seeing Jamie cut the breast, thighs and drumsticks off of a whole roasting chicken then pulverize the carcass (bones, fat, gristle, and blood) in a food processor to make into chicken nuggets, All of my children, horrified to the point of gagging denounced processed chicken nuggets forever.

The gooey, pink slimy concoction that Jamie Oliver reduced the leftover bits of chicken to looked like disgusting limp meaty silly putty before he added powdery “filler” to it along with artificial chicken flavoring.  Once the goop was molded into a lump, he rolled it out and used a cutter to shape it into little nuggets.  It was the most unappetizing, revolting, revealing and eyeopening demonstration about what fast food/processsed food is made of.

What also surprised me was the fact that when Jamie tested several US grade school children’s knowledge and recognition of fruits and vegetables, many of them were unable to identify them. Another heartbreaking and glaring example: When offered the choice between processed and fast foods to home-cooked foods, the children all chose the processed foods.

The TV show will be an upcoming series, I highly recommend it. If you have children, watch it together, it will change their lives. If you don’t have children, watch it anyway. It will change the way you cook and eat forever. Check it out at this website.

On a lighter note, I leave you with a cozy photo essay of our Sunday morning breakfast… homemade peanut butter sesame toast made into French toast with fruit topping.

(my Subtly Amazing husband orchestrated the meal and it was fantastic.)

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