April 5, 2010

The Best Spot for Coffee in Portland

The Fehrenbacher Hof is like the corduroy jacket of Portland Coffee shops. It’s so completely comfortable and has a definite sense of vintage style that is not pretentious at all.

In my humble opinion, The Hof is the most “Portland” of any coffee and breakfast spot in the city.

It's such a wonderful alternative to chain coffee shops.
Over Spring Break week, the kids and I hung out there on Monday morning, sipping hot chocolate, eating bagels and ham and egg sandwiches as we escaped the drizzling rain. It was a perfect setting to talk with my kids about how we should opt to eat at small, lesser known independently owned restaurants and coffee shops, and why spending our money and time there instead of at a fast food joint is a good idea. We also talked about how “real food” (such as the breakfast goods we munched on that morning and the kind we make at home) were so much better than fast food breakfast sandwiches (like McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s).
The  Fehrenbacher Hof is a cozy and comfortable Clarke family sanctuary. Remember Mayor Bud Clarke? He and his family own the Goose and The Fehrenbacher Hof. The Goose Hollow Inn is one of the coolest little Pubs in Portland and is situated directly next door. Kevin and I have relaxed after working at the Culinary School in the evenings and in the summer months. (the sunny deck and an ice cold brew is supremely inviting) Both haunts are a little hidden and out of the way. Hipsters mingle with Elks club members. These restaurants are gems where decent food and drink with really inexpensive prices mix with social neighbors and loyal regulars of all ages.

My favorite is fresh hot breakfast sandwiches at The Hof. They are so good; I will drive from across town in my pajamas to get one. What makes them so delish? I’m pretty sure it is the secret homemade Reuben sauce they make next door at the Goose. (Plus, I love how the broiler makes the cheese melt off the sides and crisp where it hits the pan)

Local baked goods such as organic buttery lemon bars and mouthwatering marrionberry bars are situated prettily in the vintage case in front of the counter, and there is a unique toaster collection and multiple board games to keep kids busy while they wait for their food.

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