April 14, 2010

Glamourous Sixties Vibe

 When I was a kid I adored 007. His suave tuxedo, slicked back hair and martini were to die for. I'd stay up late and watch the movies with my dad.

As much as I wanted to portray the adventure and calm cool demeanor of James Bond himself, I wished I could look the women in his movies. Sexy smart super sleuth-y women wooed Bond with their feminine prowess and either became his protective ally or mortal enemy.

Either way, they were gorgeous to the point of being dangerous.
And what I would give for a tube of lipstick that doubled as a fabulous spy tool!

Sexy-sixties style has stuck with me as the ultimate in classic glamour inspiration. Every once in a while, I still attempt to channel my inner bond girl when I slip into tall boots and slather on black eye liner curling it up a bit at the ends.

Gotta love the classic sixties vibe going on in this cool little French video. Check it out ... it's sort of a mixture of Belinda Carlisle and Audrey Hepburn as a Bond girl~

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