January 8, 2010

Wintery Inspiration

All week I’ve been good. I haven’t indulged in the tall, achingly delicious morning Mocha’s topped with cream and chocolate shavings that I’ve craved. I’ve resisted gorgeously golden floral-hoppy IPA’s at the end of my looooong workdays at the Culinary School and it’s paid off actually. I’ve lost a few pounds and wiggled into jeans that have been one size too small for the past 6 months. I feel lighter and inspired to keep going. I’m sure I’ll be posting about delicious cheese, recipes that include sinful amounts of butter and decadent bacon,but for today, I’m going to be good.  Setting goals for 2010 has been fun and enlightening actually, and so far, it’s working. My other major goal was to write every day. It was a simple sweet commandment from my new writer friend and it’s stuck with me. I’m completely inspired to keep going.

All this week I’ve also had some great conversations with my friends about goals and ideas for this new decade. My friends inspire me. All of us are re-thinking life quality enhancing things, like our eating habits, our perception of age and how we spend our free time and what we want to do in the future. My friend Kristen has always told me about her life-long love affair with Paris and she’s making plans and goals to move there one day. I picture her living in a fabulously stylish old world apartment in the heart of the city, shoe shopping at the most elegant boutiques and sipping champagne at lunch at a corner cafĂ©. It all starts with a dream and a plan, I think if you envision something and write it down; it’s that much closer to becoming a reality.

Happy Friday my lovelies. Be sure to cherish your daydreams and give into them. It’s the beginning of goals plans for the future.

and Kris... this is for you. 
Photos of Winter in Paris by The Cherry Blossom Girl

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