January 25, 2010

Soft like ghosts

Sometimes Monday’s creep up on me and I’m not quite ready.

The slightly panicked and sudden rush of Monday morning and getting ready for the week of work catches me off guard.  At 5:30 this morning, I found myself jumping out of my soft warm bed and rushing... fixing children’s lunches, packing backpacks with finished homework and Girl Scout cookie orders then racing out the door with a cup of coffee in a travel mug.  It's is a blaring wakeup call and stark contrast to such a relaxing weekend.

Soft gray wisps of clear winter light filled my kitchen and living room early Sunday morning.
Before anyone else in the house woke up, I sat alone in the quiet, soaking up the few moments of rare solitude daydreaming about some new photography projects, recipes I’d like to try and writing.  Writing and writing and writing... I can't seem to stop, it's become a lovely consuming passion and although the rest of my life can feel like it's still moving 100 miles an hour, early morning stillness inspires me and helps me think

*photo by one of my favorite Flickr photographer friends, Cassie Kammzell she lives in Spokane and does gorgeous ethereal work.


  1. I've just found this at 3:48 on a Tuesday morning, as I'm unable to sleep due to new job jitters & woes. I went to bed at 9:30, awoke at 2:49, then tossed & turned in bed for an hour before deciding it would be better to get up than to wake the cat at our feet, who will, in turn, wake Yannick...who needs his sleep more than I do.

    Sometimes the couch coaxes me back to sleep, which I hope can happen today -- but if not, I'm right there with you in this morning stillness, and the coffee will be brewing in no time...

  2. it's the most peaceful and magic time of day. Thank you b, we'll sit in silence together, on different coasts.