January 6, 2010

Walking in the City

Holly reminded me last night that although I’ve been steadfast in my goal of eating and preparing fresh organic foods that are good for my body, I’d forgotten to mention anything about the dreaded ‘E’ word in my blog. At first I pretended not to know what she was talking about. Edamame? Endives? Eucalyptus? She stopped me before I could continue avoiding the subject by impressing her with E words. “Exercise.” Ugh. I have this sort of irrational hateful relationship with exercising on purpose actually. I swam competitively for years and the daily doubles, swimming dozens of laps and doing flip turns in cold overly chlorinated water in goggles and a Speedo has scarred me. If it’s a form of physical fitness that requires any sort of lycra I run the other direction. Matching sweat tops and bottoms, track suits and workout gear that looks like you are going to a night club rather than a gym annoy me. Maybe I’m a work-out wear snob.

She was right though. Good healthy food is not going to help me wiggle into a cocktail dress come mid February or look irresistible lounging by the  MGM Grand Pool for a lovely girls-weekend in March with Kristen. Holly ticked off various local gyms that offered yoga, tai chi and Pilates classes. As much as I appreciated her efforts, I decided to forgo for now the organized classes but still somehow incorporate her suggestion of exercise.

So, I’m breaking out the VHS tapes of Rodney Yee. But better yet, I’m going to walk every day. When I lived in NW, I had a fabulous little apartment on 22nd and walked to and from work. I walked to the grocery store, the post office, the library and Powell’s. It was perfect. I could look into people’s windows, see how many pet owners resembled the dogs they were walking, reduce my carbon footprint, feel the wind on my face, and show off my stylish red umbrella. But best of all, it was the easiest way to burn calories and stay in shape. I could eat almost everything and never gained a pound.

I don’t live in NW anymore, but on weekends I drive there with my subtly amazing husband to wander our old neighborhoods and haunt the places we used to frequent. I’m going to use my Portland Hill Walks book and also reacquaint myself with downtown by walking around the city blocks at my lunch breaks, rain or shine. Portland is a gorgeous city to walk around in and it’s a plan that’s not only good for the soul, but also the waistline.

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