January 4, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2010

I’m day dreaming today of the year in front of me.

For once in my life, I’ve set official goals, personal goals, professional goals, creative goals. Sitting in my offi-cal (part office + part cubicle) I’ve been taking ‘inspiration breaks’ instead of smoking breaks like most of my coworkers. I’ve joined my smoker friends before, outside in the cold air, rocking back and forth, side to side in effort to keep warm, but since I don’t smoke, it’s more of a second-hand smoke break which isn’t quite as rejuvenating as I’d like.

Inspiration breaks entail spending a minute or two on a blog that is beautiful and intriguing, I listen to a piece of music that transports me or I simply make a list of ingredients I’m going to buy at the grocery store in order to make a fabulous and healthy meal for tonight’s supper.

So here I am, envisioning 2010 for a few minutes at least before starting back in on my paperwork,a fabulous trip with a friend in March, trying my hand at new, healthier recipes filled with vibrant energy laden ingredients, lot’s of writing projects that stir my soul and plans to work more efficiently fill my to-do list in the next few months.
I also intend to be more engaged with everything that comes my way; interactions with friends and family, my work at the Culinary School, my photography, the things I choose to cook and write about.
I’m feeling excited to get started. I have a good feeling about this year, sort of a swelling sense that big things are coming together and I’m putting wheels into motion.

So here’s to looking ahead and setting the foundation for transformation and a remarkable year, and if you have a minute, tell me what your vision is for 2010!


  1. Lovely Heidi! Nice reminder. I found myself recently wishing I was a smoker because I wanted the breaks. Of course, I can take other little me breaks without the nicotine! Thanks for the reminder. Every year I write out my intentions. A snapshot of my visions for 2010
    1) Explore my own creativity through writing
    2) Healthier food and exercise (venturing into yoga -something I said I wouldnt' do)
    3) Continue to learn Spanish
    4) Going to Ecuador.
    5) Lots of trips to CA
    6) Overall better balance!
    Happy New year!!

  2. Happy New Year my friend! Let's keep each other inspired.