January 9, 2010

The Perfect Brew

Although I've missed mocha's during the last week, I've still enjoyed my morning cup of coffee.
Without cream, without sugar, without chocolate... even stark and dark and bitter and alone without the accompaniment of delicious additions, it is my favorite beverage.

I've discovered one of the best ways to brew coffee is in this lovely glass, 70's style coffee maker, the classic Chemex.  Kevin bought me one for Christmas a few years back at a cool store downtown Portland, Canoe, and I've been in love with it ever since.  It uses unbleached square paper filters and is the most gorgeously pristine way to brew java.  Basically, you start with the best, freshest roasted coffee beans you can find, grind them well and pour gently boiling water slowly over the top.  Start with just a bit of hot water at first, so that the ground coffee "blooms" and then continue with the rest.

This week I've been careful to avoid many of my old favorites but coffee is something I've decided to keep as a part of my morning ritual.  When the coffee is very high quality and you brew it beautifully, it still is quite a treat, even without the cream and goodies.

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