January 1, 2010

a Last Toast to the Amber Liquid (at least for now)

another pint, originally uploaded by uncommonmuse.
I've never been svelte.

Even in high school I was of pretty average weight. I'd dreamed of being lithe and thin, the body I imagined to be perfect resembled a ballet dancer more than Mae West. As luck would have it I'm a "type D" Endo-Ecto body shape according to the current health and fitness book I'm reading. AKA: Mae West bod.

Part of my problem for many years has been my unquestioning love for good food. I adore cheese, sweet cream in my coffee, warm bread, rich soups, decadent flourless chocolate torte, a perfectly done steak, pasta, crispy savory bacon, and yes, a good beer now and again. When you work at a cooking school, delicious 4 course meals beckon daily, like a siren, luring me to the schools restaurant dining room. I love the comforting smell of good food cooking and the sensual experience of making divine meals for my friends and family, and I LOVE enjoying a crisp IPA with a friend in the warm and dimly lit corner of a dive bar now and again. (for some reason, I prefer dive bars to any other kind. Give me vinyl covered bar stools and 70's style neon any day over shi shi trendy bars that use the word infused as a title for a vodka) Today, my writer friend Lisa and I began the new year in exactly this fashion. We walked in the rain, sipped the perfect beer at the perfect pub and discussed our goals of the future year and had a generally fabulous conversation. One thing we decided though, (halfway through our beers of course) is that we both want to become fitter and more lean versions of ourselves. Basically, we decided to cut back on the decadent foods and great beer Portland has to offer, at least temporarily, and cook and eat in a healthier fashion. For the next week at least, I'm going to try.

So I've stocked up on broccoli, salmon, wild brown rice, fresh ginger and green tea and I'm starting the day tomorrow with a half grapefruit, black coffee and a homemade turmeric and spice turkey sausage. I plan to feature healthy recipes until I am finally either channeling my inner skinny self or until I cannot stand to cook and live without bacon.

Wish me luck.

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  1. There is no life without bacon. I'm sorry, but that's a basic truth. I wish you well.