July 23, 2010

Koi Fusion

Lunch in Portland can be a gorgeous thing.

If you've been paying any kind of attention at all this week, you may have heard that our fair, green and unique little city was pronounced by CNN to have World's Best Street Food.

I completely agree.  And the chef's at my school whole-heartedly agree. The food savvy students training in Culinary Arts, and almost everyone who spends anytime downtown at lunchtime with at least $5 in their pocket would also agree.  The food at the little carts that line the streets of Portland is incredibly yummy,  usually quite cheap (for the large servings they dole out), and some of them serve healthy fare to boot. 

I'll have to spend a little time later on, blog-swooning about the many food carts to choose from and what exactly a food cart 'Pod' is... but for now, as I munch on sublime Korean tacos from my current favorite cart, Koi Fusion at my desk, I am lost in the wonderful combination of flavors.   Fresh tortilla, crispy cilantro, tangy lime, savory shredded Korean beef, crunchy sprouts, a bit of cucumber...

and the Best part is, it only cost me $3.

PS~the cart moves around quite a bit... one night on Mississippi Street, one night on Hawthorne, lunchtime near Portland State in the Park Blocks... you must follow them on Twitter to find out where they are.  It's fun.  Like hunting down your food, there's a thrill in it.

Have a lovely weekend darlings.

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