March 5, 2010

Culinary Artistry

It was a gorgeous Friday in Downtown Portland. 

This morning, Kevin and I ran across the street to the school just in time to see Chef Roy Perez and the students plating up their gorgeous and delicious creations from their Culinary Artistry class.  I snapped a few photos so my lovely blog followers can see some of the delightful dishes the students here at the Culinary School where I work make... 
as the chef pointed out, people dine with their eyes, so the food should look as beautiful as well as taste sublime.

Term III students have only been in class for about 6 months and they are creating some absolutly amazing dishes.  (the food tastes even better than it looks.  Trust me.)
Awaiting the inspection and taste from the Executive Chef instructor...
one student created a thin crisped sliver of a potato with a delicate herb pressed into it... like a tiny edible stained glass window.  All of the other students asked her for her secret technique.
As a belated warning: Vegatarians, look away.

I love my day job.

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