March 1, 2010

Gorgeous Greens

Crazy good idea: Fresh Salad.  Every single night of the week.

My darlings, I am not big on cooking a complicated meal on weeknights that requires a lot of work. I’m crazy about cooking in general, but I’m one of those that enjoys spending open-ended hours in the kitchen on the weekends... with no rush involved. I love writing out ideas for meals, making grocery lists and I enjoy shopping at cool and stylish little grocery stores more than I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom.  Leisurely cooking is creative joyful time. 

On weeknights, I need to cook but I’d prefer the bare minimum of prep time.  Working all day is tough enough.  I just want to eat and relax when I get home.

I’ve been reading yet another fabulous cookbook by Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals. I am not only ga ga over his straight forward, British tinged writing and cooking style, but I love the whole idea behind this book. Jamie Oliver believes that our society relies too often on convenience foods, drive through and restaurant dining. We have gotten away from the family table and making our houses into homes by making delicious food in our own ovens so that the smells of cooking fill our cozy living quarters.
His book is about making great food and keeping simple, rather inexpensive ingredients in our cupboards and at our fingertips so we have no excuse not to throw together a healthy meal.

This week, I am going to try what I believe to be one of his most revolutionary ideas: The idea is to line the vegetable crisper drawer in your fridge with clean cotton dish towels, then, while you are at the market, pick up several different varieties of lettuces and greens.
Once home, rinse them well, use a salad spinner or towels to get rid of the excess water, tear them into salad size bites and put them into the crisper drawer. Once that’s all said and done, slightly dampen yet another clean cotton dishtowel and put it over the top of the greens to keep them extra fresh.
Every night, all you have to do is reach into the drawer of the fridge and toss a handful of greens into your bowl.

He has another spectacular time saving recipe for making your own salad dressing in a leftover jam jar to drizzle over the top of your greens...

I’ll post that little tip tomorrow my loves!

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