March 3, 2010

Packing Early for Vegas

I’m starting to get excited about my trip to Vegas.  It’s only 10 days away!

My friend Kris and I have never travelled together, but we’ve talked about it often and we used to imagine renting an apartment together in Paris for a summer. (I still think in the not too distant future she may be living in Paris) But for now, we are celebrating our Birthday’s this year with a Girls Trip to Sin City, where we simply plan to lounge in the sun by the pool, drink fruity-frothy cocktails, walk the strip at night and laugh our asses off. (She bought front row tickets to Carrot Top )

I’ve been daydreaming all day about travelling. I’ve packed my suitcase in my mind and decided to take Cup of Joe's advice: How to pack a suitcase like a French Woman. It’s smart and fashionable to have just a few, well chosen stylish necessities in your bag:

A wide headband so I feel like Brigitte Bardot in Contempt.

Classic, breezy white linen pants and cuffed cotton black shorts, a French style nautical striped shirt and black strappy espadrilles that tie in a bow.

A fabulous classic black halter tie bathing suit fit for a silver screen siren to wear by the pool.

Glamorous Jean Seberg style dress (I may actually find one at Target!)

And of course, my gogeous gold flecked big floppy I bought in Vegas when the Subtly Amazing Hubby and I went there last year...

Viva Las Vegas Baby.

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