March 17, 2013

Happy Sunday Darlings

I was a little disappointed I didn't just splurge on a huge coil of cable to use with my computer so I could have had my kitchen in the background of my video-chat with Nigella last Thursday.  I LOVE my kitchen!  

No worries though, it was a delightful experience, and I had the best time chatting with the other two home cooks/bloggers just before we aired.  I'll post the finished bit tomorrow and get into a few details then too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day~


  1. i loved the exchange of food thoughts, experiences and inspirations. it was a terrific format. congrats!

  2. Thanks! It was so fun. The conversation between the three of us home-cooks was really great, before they ever started to record. And, of course, Nigella was fabulous!