February 18, 2013

Sunday Morning Mancakes.

Yesterday was a slow and dreamy Sunday. 

Sleeping in, snuggling under the covers, wearing pajamas until noon, sipping hot coffee and reading the paper, and puttering were the focus of my day.

My husband spent Saturday with a fellow beer-lover in Eugene at Oakshire Brewery, celebrating and sampling a brand new “bourbon barrel” Hellshire aged beer that was being released.  He brought home a few of the fancy, artistic bottles of the stuff, along with a jug or “growler” of his favorite, Overcast Espresso Stout.  I decided to experiment a bit, and used some of the leftover amber brew as the liquid (instead of milk) in our pancakes Sunday morning. They were a lovely fluffy and yeasty confection, with a deep, rich, almost chocolaty espresso flavor that carried through in each bite.  I warmed up some real maple syrup then toasted some pecans to go on top.  A strong cup of Stumptown coffee with cream was the perfect pairing.

I told my hubs he could dub them “Mancakes” since they were made with his favorite beer.

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  1. Yum! For a nice dinner, braise some short ribs with stout. Super tasty! Thanks for the idea of "mancakes"!