February 4, 2013

Fresh Orange Salsa and Cocktails

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods Saturday morning, I stumbled across these gorgeous organic Minneola Oranges.  They were on sale, so I packed a good dozen of them into my grocery bag, knowing that if inspiration didn't hit for a fabulous recipe, they'd be perfect for snacking on all week. 
They are of course delicious on their own.   But I've also used them as a tangy-sweet addition to a fruit salsa for Super Bowl Sunday--chopped up with red peppers, black beans, cilantro, avocado and red onion.  Then for dinner, I squeezed the juice over a fillet of cod, added some fresh ground black pepper and grated ginger, and thinly cut slices over the fish and baked it in parchment.  Delish.
But my favorite way to use these little darlings?  As a cocktail.
Just juice a couple fresh oranges over ice in a martini glass, then add a splash of vodka or gin into the glass.  To get a little fancy, zest the peel and add a few swirls to the drink along with some club soda.

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