October 4, 2010

Love is Like Salt

The Chef's at Oregon Culinary Institute have a terrific little experiment they do with the students in Term 1 in regards to teaching them about the importance of salt. 

To be specific, what can just the right AMOUNT of salt do to a dish?

First, the chef's create five batches of perfectly pure cream of potato soup.
Next, they season or salt each one a little differently...

the first batch, no salt = no flavor.  VERY bland.
the second batch, just a tiny bit of salt.  Slightly better, but not enough seasoning to bring out the true    flavor.
the third batch... just the right amount.  The flavor of the potato is bright, vibrant, full of it's own potent possibility.
the fourth batch, a little too much salt.  Slightly overwhelmed with salt, the soup is a mere a shadow of itself.
the fifth batch, WAY too much salt.  The potato is rendered invisible.

I think love is sort of like that.

If you are in a relationship let's say, and there is no "true love", it is boring.  Not passionate.  Lack luster.
With a little love, a relationship can survive, but it doesn't really aspire to much.
Just the right amount, and love can bring out the best in two people...  you know, pretty much MAGNIFY the best traits in each person.
Too much... well, maybe there isn't such a thing as too much love.  But if there is, maybe a person can feel overwhelmed, lost, not themselves anymore.

So there you have it.  My opinion.  My rambling of the day.

Worth it's salt?

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