October 2, 2010

Demise of the Fruit Fly

IMG_2400, originally uploaded by uncommonmuse.
Every fall, it seems we have a tremendous problem with these wispy, annoying, tiny pests.
I swat at them helplessly as they bombard not only the freshly picked late-season fruit, lusciously crisp apples and fading garden tomatoes adorning my kitchen counters, but they are constantly dive-bombing into unsuspecting glasses of wine.

A fan-tabulous and old-timey solution my Grandmother Gi Gi used to keep the little buggers from taking over her compost bucket (yes, she composted back in the day) was to fill a juice glass partway full of inexpensive red wine, (the less expensive kind, don't waste the good stuff of course) top the glass with tightly fitted Saran Wrap, then poke a few holes into the top of it. Then, just set it out and wait.

Within about 24 hours you'll have a virtual graveyard of pesky fruit flies floating around in your boozy trap.

...and don't feel too bad, my guess is they expired happily. With a tremendous last buzz. ; )

PS~ this photo was my attempt to show a somewhat attractive trap.  But the truth is, you'll really need to poke slightly larger holes in the Saran Wrap. The fruit fly guys will get in, but they'll be too disoriented and woozy to get out.
And that's a good word for the day: Woozy Fruit Fly.


  1. Thanks Heidi.... it will be good for family communications to take the gas masks off and stop spraying Raid!


  2. The Terro Fruit Fly Trap will get rid of fruit flies...and it's cute! Looks right at home in any kitchen! http://bit.ly/cu8bm8