May 25, 2010

Shannon and Greg

I rarely book weddings without first meeting and interviewing the Bride and Groom.

It’s a little like dating in some ways, and if the chemistry isn’t there, you may not be the perfect match… and I truly believe that if you find that perfect match, like dating, you end up bringing out the best in each other. As a photographer, if the couple and I hit it off, I am inspired and my photography is even better than ever. If the couple digs me, they smile and are much more into the whole idea of being photographed, and the pictures turn out so much better than if there is tension or awkwardness. In the case of Shannon and Greg’s wedding, I took a risk and plunged right in, after just a couple of phone calls and emails. Jennifer, Shannon’s exquisite, gorgeous red-haired sister had recommended me, and I sort of figured that since Jennifer is such a positive and lovable woman, Shannon must be too.

(I'm gonna gush here for a minute kittens, so bear with me)

I was SO lucky. I hit the jackpot.

On Friday night, I finally met Shannon and Greg in person, along with their amazing friends and family at the rehearsal dinner at The Star of the Sea Room, right there on the bay in San Diego. I was so deeply struck by the open and honest kindness she beams in her easy smile. And I was further struck by the sincerity of Greg. He couldn’t take his eyes off Shannon. You could just tell by how wonderful of a couple they were together, their passion for each other is the kind that will never fade.

Even after many many weddings, it made me pause and smile at the love they so obviously share.

Not only were Shannon and Greg a couple of extremely beautiful people, their wedding was a blast. And ummm… GORGEOUS.

We started with the “getting ready” photos in a suite at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront (just following a bit of an earthquake!) and the view was breathtaking.

The groomsmen were fabulous, and open to jumping all over the place like super heroes.
The bridesmaids were elegant and beautiful and Shannon’s mom and dad were supportive, funny and helpful every minute.

And Shannon’s Brother Jeff was slightly excited about the wedding as you can tell…

All I can say is: WOW. THIS is why I take wedding photos… I love being a part of this moment in people’s lives, when an amazing couple who are part of an amazing family and circle of friends expresses their love for each other in an unforgettable celebration. I am honored to “catch time” and freeze forever, those moments… the looks in their eyes when they are at the church, their first dance at the reception, and their families heartfelt and undeniable joy.

All this week I’ll be re-living the wedding and working on their photos in the evenings after my work at the Culinary School. I can’t wait to send them and their guests the slide show and online album that documented this SPECTACULAR and gorgeous day.


  1. Fantastic job Heidi, you really captured the couples day and imbued it with your own Je ne sais quoi.

  2. Matt & I want to renew our vows just so you'll take pictures of the re-wedding. I love the use of your polaroid. Going to bust mine out again as soon as I land more film.

  3. so stunning! make me cry a little...

  4. As always, Heidi, you inspire me! What gorgeous photos ... I have had the pleasure of knowing their family for nearly three decades (ouch!) and think you did an amazing job capturing their fun spirit! Well done, friend!

  5. Well, I'm a little biased but I LOVED it ALL. Thank you Heidi. We would recommend you to ANYONE!!