May 20, 2010

Our Home

I am so in love with our house.

It’s been a milestone in my life, to live here.

It’s where my husband proposed to me, on the couch in the living room. It’s where I finally had enough space for my children to have bedrooms and real beds again, after my first life up-ended, and we lived in tiny apartments. I’ve written poems and book chapters at the kitchen table. This house is where I’ve planted roses in the backyard and lavender next to the front door with Kevin. We’ve cooked together in the kitchen, taught my children how to make pancakes, Indian Dahl, homemade peppermint ice-cream, scrambled eggs and Kevin’s famous guacamole. Vivid memories of small dinner parties, big celebrations and bottles of wine shared with friends and family resonate somehow in the walls of our little house and probably will for years to come. Our home has been a canvas to paint a new life together - for my children, myself, my husband and our “new” family.

Maybe the people who end up buying our house will feel how much we loved it and they’ll love it too.

But as much as we've loved it, it seems to be time to go.  This Sunday there will be an open house, as I type this, the listing has gone live.

We put our heart and soul into the yard; we’ve designed and remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms, carpeted and painted the upstairs bedrooms and worked hard to bring the 1920’s Portland Bungalow back to life. It is a reflection of us and the life we are building.

This old house has a heart of gold but we are in search of a new neighborhood and we are turning a page. I have to keep reminding myself that home is what you make the place you live into by filling it with family, friends, food, color, life and love.

A new adventure is about to begin.

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  1. Seems like change is in the air. No matter where you land, I am sure your house will be filled with the warmth and love you put into this house. :-)