February 4, 2010

a decadent infatuation with shoes...

Shoes are absolutely intoxicating. In a good way, although I suppose they definitely could be intoxicating in a bad way if they are old and sweaty. But I digress…

Since it’s the month of February and LOVE is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner (and my birthday!) I thought I’d dedicate this blog post as an ode to one of my passions: Gorgeous Shoes.

Quite recently, I decided to collect shoes as though I were collecting inspiring pieces of art. Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the money to purchase gorgeous paintings and exquisite sculpture, and I do splurge now and again on beautiful photographs I find on etsy.com and Deviant Art  every now and agin.  I also adore purchasing handmade jewelry my friend Holly's crafted and lovely smelling artisnal soaps from local shops.
But for me, a beautiful new pair of shoes is pure bliss. In my old life, I usually sufficed with worn Birkenstocks and tube socks. I was not the least bit interested in fashion really and I didn’t have time for adornments and accessories, sexy lingerie or even nice smelling shampoo or perfume. I was a VERY practical woman and considered myself lucky to squeeze a shower into my busy schedule and as long as my sweats were clean, I was happy. That was life with little children as a stay-at-home mom.

Perhaps discovering Sex in the City ignited my interest in shoes… suddenly I had role models who considered shoes a necessity, a requirement to enhance their independence, femininity and individuality. I studied Carrie Bradshaw’s footwear in every episode and lusted for sexy high heels like I never had before. Somehow, she helped me mentally justify my love for shoes.

When I started working downtown, I bought my first pair of kitten heels, not too high, not too daring, but they lifted my spirits and made me walk a little differently. After stumbling around a bit and teetering here and there, I figured out the rhythm of walking in heels and practiced swaying my hips and walking with a feminine swagger and a little more confidence.
I imagined I was channeling my inner Carrie.   

Slowly but surely I’ve expanded my collection. I found silver sling back treasures at Nordstrom Rack and scouted discounted yellow espadrilles at Macy’s during sales. Gradually, I allowed myself the luxury of looking online at sites like J.Crew and I found blogs dedicated to fashion and footwear. I decided to allow myself a “snazzy shoe fund”, a little luxury money set aside to buy beautiful shoes every once in a while as a treat or for special occasions.

And now I am an addict.

I CRAVE the luxurious Yves St. Laurent Cage Heels
sexy-hip ankle boots

Stella McCartney Wedge Aqua Blue Pumps

and over the knee black suede boots

I view shoes as jewelry for the feet and I can’t believe the difference between well made high quality pair of high heels and inexpensive Payless brand shoes and how they make your feet feel after wearing them for a few hours. I’ve by default become over the past few years, a shoe connoisseur.  (luckily, my subtly amazing husband is a patient man and doesn’t seem to mind)

Our friend Joe was staying with us a few days ago and asked me for some romantic gift ideas to give his fiancĂ© for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t help but wax poetic about what a great nude stacked heel sandal can do for a woman’s libido and how a strappy jeweled sling back can make her heart race. He listened patiently as I described the perfect shoe, something sexy, something flattering, something a little daring (especially if it’s a gift from your love) I tried to paint a visual picture of elusive, elegant and luxurious high heels… perfect not just for Sue, but for almost all women. I told him as an added suave and romantic touch, that he could give her a pair of black stockings with seams or thigh high stockings as well.
(It’s easy to find a woman’s shoe size and style, just sneak a peek in her closet and write down the size and designer of her favorites when she’s not looking) Joe loved the idea and most likely, Sue will love such an intimate and romantically sexy gift. I told him to put a little note on the box that they are meant to wear out for a special dinner too…

and, who knows where else her slinky new Valentine Shoes will take them!

*All glorious shoe images The Cherry Blossom Girl

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