February 15, 2010

A Belated Valentine Post

I had the sniffles over the weekend, not the most sexy and romantic sort of thing to have on Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, I have to say, my subtly amazing husband gave me the most romantic thing… a customized playlist.

I remember in highschool, if a guy liked you, I mean REALLY liked you, (LIKED you-liked you) he might just make you a mix-tape.  You could play it in your car or boombox and think of him. 
When I first met Kevin, before we even knew we might like each other as anything more than friends, he made me several CD's of music that I played over and over in my new apartment downtown.  I was slowly but surely getting used to my new life and the songs he chose were a soundtrack and musical score for my new beginning. 

Last week, Kevin spent the better part of a day scouring through our combined CD collection and the iTunes website.  He found songs that we first fell in love to, as well as songs he thought I would enjoy listening to while I write.

I’m a lucky woman, because even with a stuffy nose, I am loved by a very thoughtful man.

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