December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas is always somewhat of a let down but at the same time, a reprieve.

I woke up this morning around 5 and as hard as I tried, I just couldn't go back to sleep.  I crept out of bed, wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and headed to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.  New Years resolutions loom ahead of me and include things like eating healthier and less butter, sugar and caffeine and being more athletic and out-doorsy, and whatever else that sort of lifestyle entails.  I've gathered the "Ultra- Metabolism" and "The Eight Day Body Makeover" cookbooks off the shelf in the kitchen and blown the dust off the covers.  After a thoroughly satisfying traditional Christmas dinner last night and still under the influence of celabratory wine, I painstakingly wrote down a shopping list that includes things like fresh ginger, tumuric, green tea, stevia and salmon to help me prepare for Sunday shopping and my new regime.  I have to admit, this year especially I've eaten my fair share of buttery creamy delightful foods.  It's sadly beginning to show on my waistline and I've come to the reluctant realization that although I'd never imagine myself a weight-watchers candidate, I must curb my enthusiasm for the more decadent foods.  I spent my morning pouring through my cookbooks and ancient editions of Cooking Light and created a game plan:  Fresh healthy low fat, (but some GOOD fat, like avocado, olive oil, fish oil, and plenty of nuts and seeds) flavorful spice laden whole organic ingredients, at least 3 cups of green tea each day and a minimal dosage of dark chocolate topped off with as many walks in the fresh air I can squeeze in.  This is my plan.  This is my resolution for 2010 and I have to say, for as fired up as I was about being a leaner foodie, it only lasted half the day.

My husband invited me for a walk on Mt. Tabor.  We packed up the backpack with the laptop, my camera and his new Flip and set off bundled up in extra layers, scarves and gloves to ward off the brisk chill.  Our walk definitely fit the bill as far as kicking off my plan for the new year, but things quickly went south from a healthy eating perspective as we contemplated where to go to write and relax for the evening.  We were just up the street from the Horse Brass Pub and decided to duck in for a beer to reward ourselves for the trek.
Once you enter the darkened pub you feel immediately transported to England.  The menu features an amazing assortment of local and rarer brands of beer on tap, bangers and mash and best of all, a delightful appetizer of melted brie in a dish with a head of roasted garlic, sour green apple slices and chunks of toasted sour dough.   The bar was filled with locals, most of them laughing drinking, playing darts and enjoying the cold day indoors with friends and heavy delicious comfort foods.

It was a perfect "Last Meal".  Tomorrow is another day.

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