August 2, 2010

Otter Pops for Grownups

During the hot days of summer, sometimes nothing tastes better than an icy cold frozen neon colored Popsicle confection.  

Whether you go for the classic suburban standby Otter Pops, or the naturally flavored, healthier versions found at Whole Foods and New Seasons, try this handy little tip to make a special treat for Moms and Dads:

Freeze the pops in their plastic sleeves for about 1 hour.  Stand a few up, in a tall glass, then carefully clip open the top and squeeze out about an inch or two of frozen pop.  Let it melt slightly, until it is about the consistency of a Slurpee.  Using a funnel, top off with a bit of white rum or tequila and re-freeze.

PS~ Be sure to label the adult version of pops in the freezer!


  1. They do make adult like "otter pops" with vodka. They are called Vodka Martini Skinny Freezers! They are in a clear tube package. They are awesome and sold in BevMo.