September 19, 2010

writing is my SuperPower

I keep a lot in.

I used to think it was noble and strong, the right thing to do, even when you are pushed.  turning the other cheek takes incredible strength.
I used to think being strong meant being quiet and & "taking it on the chin", even when people who were mean, ignorant and wrong lashed out at me.
I thought I was being heroic.

I loved to read about heroes when I was a kid,
their stories formed my world, my perspective, my view...inspired me and made me want to be like them.

heroes from greek myths, noble heroes, super heroes...people who against all odds stood up against the current when they had to for the "greater good".
Saints and legends, from the story of Jesus to the story of Batman, they were so noble, they took it on the chin from everyone.   No matter what happened, how they were treated, what injustice came their way, they pushed through it.

I decided that should be what a person should aim for, that is the strength of character a person should strive for.

somewhere along the way  I missed something though.
I guess I thought it was noble to keep in anything bad or ugly, to protect even the villian from shame by not confronting things that were wrong.
I shut down when I have to face demons.  I've combatted them with nice-ness.

I could probably nice someone to death.

not very heroic actually.

some things in my past have become a weight upon my chest.
a ghost on my back.
even when I am right or have a reason or a point, I can't say outloud what I want to say.
 I lock up.
I shut down.
I don't stick up for myself very well at all.

but I've finally found my voice.

I can write.
I can express myself with eloquence in the words that pour through my fingertips..,

and now I'm writing down the bones.
skeletons in closets are not as intimidating when you see them in black and white.
I'm shining a light on them by writing them down .

in any good story about a hero, whether or not it's a mythic legend or an ordinary housewife, the hero has a choice to face the darkness or be consumed by it.

maybe a hero can use truth and story as a weapon of defense;
a super power.

I'm putting the words in order.
remembering my story and clearing out the demons from the past, putting them on paper is opening me up to see with even more clarity who I was and how I got here and why I believe what I believe and do what I do and how I have become who I am now.

I've been careful and polite for a long time.   I''ve taken the path of least resistance my whole life and it has haunted me.

it's about time to be my own superhero.

September 14, 2010

Diggin This.

September 3, 2010

Hum Bao at Pike Street Market

I am known to swoon over a good Hum Bao.

Not only does the soft, slightly sweet, warm doughy savory pastry make me deliriously happy because it seems to be a most excellent comfort food, but Hum Bao has romantic connotations for me as well... it was exactly what my husband and I ordered on New Years day many years ago when we first decided to move in together.

Every once in a while, on cool rainy Sunday mornings, we take my children to China Town down town Portland, and treat them to Dim Sum and Hum Bao at The House of Louie.

Last week, the hubs and I introduced Emma to the best Hum Bao in Seattle...

September 1, 2010

Breakfast in Seattle

I know I know. 
I've been missing in action for the past week or so.

No worries, though, all is well... it just so happened that a very romantic Subtly Amazing Husband whisked me and my youngest daughter off to Seattle for a week as an "end of the summer" and anniversary (five  years!) surprise.  It was quite last minute, as we found out that we were both able to take some time off our work at the Culinary School right after the August class began.  My only regret was that the older, adorable kiddos had volleyball and football try-outs and daily doubles, so they couldn't join us, and stayed in town with dad. 

The hubs strapped our bikes to the back of the car.  I packed a bag of notebooks, felt pens, and books for Emma to entertain herself in the backseat, and we took off for a road trip.

I have been back at work this week, catching up, but for now I thought I'd share a few lovely photos of an AMAZING breakfast we were treated to by old friends, Shawna and Brian on our last day of vacation(I took their wedding photos a while back!)

(we met their new little bundle of joy, Ursula too) 

At Lola in downtown Seattle, close to Brian's work, we munched on fresh "made-to-order" doughnuts with marscapone and marmalade to begin with, and Emma was thrilled to find out that they happen to be her favorite Food Network Star, Giada De Laurentiis guilty pleasure as well.

Shawna ordered a Seattle Specialty, "Tom's Big Breakfast," which was somewhat of an Octopus Hash. 
She let me try it -- it was superbly delicious.

 and Brian ordered the most photogenic breakfast entree on the menu

Everything was fantastic and the restaurant was vibrant and humming at 10:00 in the morning that Friday.  

One thing about working at a Culinary School is that vacations are partly, sometimes MOSTLY, centered around what and where to eat. 

More to come about that, as well as more Seattle Adventures in the next few postings~